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Without a doubt the number one reason I am contacted for information in Scotts Valley is due to our excellent schools. In our world today, safety has become as important a consideration as academia, and in both areas we excel. One of the advantages of a small town is how easy it is to get the community involved. Even if you don’t currently have a child in one of our schools, you certainly know someone that does, so naturally we pull together for fund raisers, carpooling, and all levels of team spirit.

Scotts Valley Unified schools are considered the most desirable in our County. In 2013 many of the accomplishments of goals and action steps led to the naming of Scotts Valley Middle School as a “School to Watch” and both Scotts Valley Middle School and Scotts Valley High School were designated as California Distinguished Schools. Most importantly, is the consistent increase in student learning at all sites; the middle and high schools rank the highest at their level of all public schools in Santa Cruz County. Both Brook Knoll Elementary and Vine Hill Elementary were named in the top ten schools in Santa Cruz County this year. The API scores (state Academic Performance Index) have increased to the following levels: Brook Knoll - 923, Vine Hill - 910, SVMS - 928, SVHS - 866 and the District is 902.


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