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Welcome to Scotts Valley

Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, just beyond of urban chaos, sits the pristine mountain community of Scotts Valley. Reminiscent of a high alpine meadow we are truly the sweet spot that connects the Silicon Valley to the beaches of Santa Cruz. Here the back drop is always lush green, surrounded by fresh air, whispering pines, puffy white clouds, and crystal blues skies. Scotts Valley was named after Hiram D. Scott who moved here from Maine in 1850. He purchased 4,436 acres known as the San Augustine Rancho and the seaman that turned gold miner decided to try his hand at ranching. Immediately he sent for his relatives which were the only inhabitants of this stunning landscape through the 1850’s. At that time horses and cattle roamed the countryside and all the suitable land for farming produced grain. The land was abundant with wildlife. Apparently there was a serious population of grizzly bears and deer but it was said that the quail were numberless. Today many of the lush green pastures still remain as open space where horses are free to roam and feed. Scotts Valley’s low elevation of 561ft provides us with the luxury of a moderate Mediterranean climate. This probably explains the considerable number of people out enjoying a walk, jogging, or cycling through the streets and neighborhoods in Scotts Valley. Many people are initially drawn to Scotts Valley for our excellent schools or wanting a prime commute location but probably if you polled the residents they would say they were searching more for a lifestyle than locale. The people here are honest, friendly, and kind. I think we have the best of what a small town has to offer, safety, freedom from congestion, and strong neighborhood connections. The people of Scotts Valley have relationships with their neighbors that create life long bonds. would like to give a special shout out to Amer from Anytime Plumbing Inc. , he’s a great Scotts Valley 24/7 emergency plumber and always takes good care of our properties!



What Makes Scotts Valley Special.....

Scotts Valley has long been considered the ultimate commute location. But that’s weekday talk. What brings people to Scotts Valley is the weekend buzz. I know I touched on our fabulous weather but what I didn’t say is how that makes everything else you do…. simply better. In Scotts Valley we have a vari ety of public parks, recreation facilities and recreation programming for the community. The beautiful facilities include two large parks.

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Scotts Valley Weather

Scotts Valley has the most spectacular microclimate in Santa Cruz County. We soak up the mildest weather throughout the year, enjoying a Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, wet winters and warm, mostly dry summers. Due to its proximity to the Monterey Bay where dense fog and frequent overcast is a natural coastal occurrence, Scotts Valley enjoys the cool natural breeze coming off the fog to keep our Summer temperatures moderate with the sun always shining. The typical seasonal temperatures (Source: NOAA[17] ) are January to March with an average of 62.4 degrees, April to June with an average of 71.2 degrees, July to September with an average of 74 degrees, and October to December with an average of 65.5 degrees. Scotts Valley’s rainfall average 31.5 inches with only 66.2 days of precipitation. In short if you’re solar powered like most of us this place is practically perfect! Click here to see current weather!

Award Winning Scotts Valley Schools

Without a doubt the number one reason I am contacted for information in Scotts Valley is due to our excellent schools. In our world today, safety has become as important a consideration as academia, and in both areas we excel. One of the advantages of a small town is how easy it is to get the community involved. Even if you don’t currently have a child in one of our schools, you certainly know someone that does, so naturally we pull together for fund raisers, carpooling, and all levels of team spirit.

Scotts Valley Unified schools are considered the most desirable in our County. In 2013 many of the accomplishments of goals and action steps led to the naming of Scotts Valley Middle School as a “School to Watch” and both Scotts Valley Middle School and Scotts Valley High School were designated as California Distinguished Schools. Most importantly, is the consistent increase in student learning at all sites; the middle and high schools rank the highest at their level of all public schools in Santa Cruz County. Both Brook Knoll Elementary and Vine Hill Elementary were named in the top ten schools in Santa Cruz County this year. The API scores (state Academic Performance Index) have increased to the following levels: Brook Knoll - 923, Vine Hill - 910, SVMS - 928, SVHS - 866 and the District is 902.


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